Heart Rate Monitor for Iphone (30$ with shipping)

Yesterday a new gadget arrived. A heart rate monitor bought through Ebay at xpressnez. The heart rate monitor is able to connect to my Iphone, and by that I can monitor my pulse through Endomondo, Wahoo and other sprtsapps. I payd 31 AU$ with shipping, quite a lot cheaper than the 100$ I would pay in Denmark, but without any guaranties.

The seller, whom I bought from wrote in the ad, that the package would be sent from Hong Kong, but I can see on the packaged, that it was shipped from Zurich. For me this meant that I did not have to pay any customs (Sweeeet!). Still, be aware that you risk paying customs.


The package contained a belt, Bluetooth-transmitter and a manual.


The sensor is made of soft rubber and fabric that does not irritate the skin during workout. It measures from about 66 to 94 cm.



I the picture below you can see the testrun I did with it on. The logged pulse seems correct and in sync with how I felt when I went running.

I am super happy with this product, and I would definitely recommend it!

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