Book for postcards – DIY

I get so happy every time I receive a postcard, but I must admit, that I never know what to do with it. That is why I wrapped this photobook in gift-wrapping paper and adhesive plastic cover.


The book can hold two postcards on a page and if the postcards are bigger than photo size, I just cut open the lines between the pockets so that it can hold a bigger card.


I used

  • Three kinds of gift wrapping paper
  • Glue
  • Puncher with shape to make nice edges
  • Adhesive plastic cover


You can of course use the book for any memorable card. Maybe you want to use it for birthday cards and save all the nice things your friends and family has written down for you.

DIY – Cupcake cord organizer made from Perler beads

It is one of the first law of physics, that if you put your headset in your pocket, it will end up tangled. The days of the tangled headset cords are over with this easy and fun DIY.


I got the inspiration for the pattern from here.

What you need

  • Hama or Perler beads
  • Glue gun
  • Flat iron
  • Cookie sheet
  • Sanitizer or something with a high alcohol percentage
  • An UV-Top Coat. You can use a 1$ coat from Aliexpress. Just don’t use this crap on your nails.
  • An UV lamp. I used one from Aliexpress (5$)

How to do it

instructions lang



The UV-Coat makes the beads stronger, but it has been reported to cause allergies when used on nails. Therefore, I suggest that you don’t use UV-Top Coat for projects that has a lot of contact with skin or children.

Button Frame – DIY


A few months back I found a picture frame that someone had thrown out. It was nice, but it did not have the right colors for my home. So … well, it ended up in the basement for a few months until I had an idea of how to use it. In the mean time I failed massively when I tried to make a necklace from buttons, so I ended up with a lot of buttons and nothing to use them for. So I combined the two failed projects.


I used the frame, buttons, glue and white paint. The glue was mounting glue, but use what you got.

I painted the frame, then put glue on and then I mounted the buttons.



When they were all on the frame, I let it dry for a few hours. By then it was finished.



Windmill Earrings and Ring

Soon it will be summer. Therefore, I wanted to make some happy and childish jewellery, that reminds me of the good weather that is coming. They were not hard to make. I used Fimo clay, nail-polish (Depend #38), a ring, earrings and super glue. I got the earrings off eBay: 50 pieces at e dollar. Just remember to look for something that is free of nickel.


I got the idea from here.


I started out by rolling a little portion of the clay out. The piece for the ring ended up being 2,5 mm. and 1,5-2 mm. for the earrings.


I then cut out a square. For the ring 3×3 cm and for the earrings 2,5×2,5 cm.


I cut from each corner towards the centre and put each corner to the middle.


I rounded the pointy corners so that they would not poke my skin.


I put it in the oven for 31 minutes (convection) at 110 C. Keep an eye on them as this can vary. When they were cooled off I glued the earrings and ring to the windmills with .super glue. I then put on nail polish to give it a shiny finish.


After a good few hours of drying they were finished.





Camouflaged box for bookshelf – DIY

Boxes always give away that you own undecorative things. This box is different. All you can see are books.

DSC_1139 DSC_1164

How I did

I used a wine box, but I am sure that any box will be good, as long as the books that you are using are close to aligning the edge, and as long as it fits in the debts of your bookshelf.

This one was to big for my bookshelf, so I had to shorten it.


The books should be a little big higher than the box.


I cut the back of the books out. The back alone was too thin for this purpose, because I would grab the edge and pull the box out of my bookshelf. Therefore I cut about ½ cm. from the back all the way through the books.


It ended up like this:


I shortened some of the books at the bottom:


I then glued the back on the box. I used glue from the DIY store, it was called mounting adhesive. I then put something heavy on top.


The box was finished after one night of drying.


Candle holder made from Perler – DIY

This little candle holder is made from Perler-beads. It is very easy to make and Perler is not expensive at all. I have made a guide in this post.

I started out by putting olive oil in the cup. I then picked up excessive oil with a piece of kitchen towel. I put the Perler in the bottom of the cup and then stacked them up against the sides.

It went in the oven at 200 C (convection) for 10 minutes. Remember to keep an eye on it, as the oven time tend to vary depending on the beads. It is very important that all the beads are melted, otherwise they will fall apart.

I then put it under lukewarm water, where I loosened it from the cup with a knife. I put some flat rocks at the bottom of it to be able to use it as a candle holder.