10 $ Smart LED-bulbs

When you live in a one-bedroom apartment and your kitchen is also your living room, dining room, work space and photo studio, it can be hard to have the right lighting. With Mi light I can turn the lighting up and down and make the right lighting setting. The bulbs have build-in dimers and they can change the temperature, so you can put them in any lamp with the right socket.


The bulbs are copies of the Phillips Hue ones, but they are quite cheap at the price of 10 $ (Aliexpress). The bulbs are a great way to save money on the electrical bill, without getting the cold light that fluorescent light bulbs give.


The remote is easy to control, and you can set more than one bulb to the four zones. You can still control the lamps from the switch on the wall, if you like, as the bulbs turns on, on the last colour- and light level the were set to.


In this video I demonstrate the use of the bulbs.

In this video I demonstrate the use of the bulbs.

I bought the bulbs here and the remote here. The bulbs that I chose were E27 9w CW WW and GU10 4W CW WW. E27 and GU10 was the socket, 9w and 4w the power and CW WW meant that the bulbs was without colour (red, green etc.).

If you want to know more about how mutch light the bulbs gives compared to traditional incandescent light bulb, you can look at my chart:

Bulb Lumen What would that be if it was an incandescent light bulb
GU10 4W CW WW 200-220 25w
E14 5W CW WW 350-370 40w
E27 6W CW WW 450-470 40w
E27 9W CW WW 800-850 60w