DIY – Cupcake cord organizer made from Perler beads

It is one of the first law of physics, that if you put your headset in your pocket, it will end up tangled. The days of the tangled headset cords are over with this easy and fun DIY.


I got the inspiration for the pattern from here.

What you need

  • Hama or Perler beads
  • Glue gun
  • Flat iron
  • Cookie sheet
  • Sanitizer or something with a high alcohol percentage
  • An UV-Top Coat. You can use a 1$ coat from Aliexpress. Just don’t use this crap on your nails.
  • An UV lamp. I used one from Aliexpress (5$)

How to do it

instructions lang



The UV-Coat makes the beads stronger, but it has been reported to cause allergies when used on nails. Therefore, I suggest that you don’t use UV-Top Coat for projects that has a lot of contact with skin or children.

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