Cootie Catcher – DIY

My friend is getting married! She is such a happy person who has never really lost her fun and childish side to adulthood. You should really never be 100 % adult, I think. So, that is why I got the idea of making cootie catchers for her wedding as decorations. She was on-board the idea right away!


This was a quick one I made. The ones my friend is getting, I have to think more about.

In this post you can read how to make a cootie catcher and you can download my template.


This template is without categories. Write names, numbers or both in the corners.

This template has two categories. When someone picks one of them, you have to open where the arrow points.

To open these templates use Apache OpenOffice Draw.If you don’t already have that, download it for free.

How to use the templates

Open the template in Open Office Draw. The template has a some stippled lines. These lines will not be printed out, they are only there to show where you can write.

Click on a textbox, write and finish with esc. If the text falls out from the stippled lines, use tap, space or change textsize when in writing mode to put them right.

Print on A4-paper.

I printed mine on a brown thin paper bag that I had cut according to the measurements of A4.

How to fold the cootie catcher

Cut as close to the stippled line as possible while still excluding the line. Lines does not exactly look good on the end result.

Now it is folding time! Watch here: