Windmill Earrings and Ring

Soon it will be summer. Therefore, I wanted to make some happy and childish jewellery, that reminds me of the good weather that is coming. They were not hard to make. I used Fimo clay, nail-polish (Depend #38), a ring, earrings and super glue. I got the earrings off eBay: 50 pieces at e dollar. Just remember to look for something that is free of nickel.


I got the idea from here.


I started out by rolling a little portion of the clay out. The piece for the ring ended up being 2,5 mm. and 1,5-2 mm. for the earrings.


I then cut out a square. For the ring 3×3 cm and for the earrings 2,5×2,5 cm.


I cut from each corner towards the centre and put each corner to the middle.


I rounded the pointy corners so that they would not poke my skin.


I put it in the oven for 31 minutes (convection) at 110 C. Keep an eye on them as this can vary. When they were cooled off I glued the earrings and ring to the windmills with .super glue. I then put on nail polish to give it a shiny finish.


After a good few hours of drying they were finished.