Candle holder made from Perler – DIY

This little candle holder is made from Perler-beads. It is very easy to make and Perler is not expensive at all. I have made a guide in this post.

I started out by putting olive oil in the cup. I then picked up excessive oil with a piece of kitchen towel. I put the Perler in the bottom of the cup and then stacked them up against the sides.

It went in the oven at 200 C (convection) for 10 minutes. Remember to keep an eye on it, as the oven time tend to vary depending on the beads. It is very important that all the beads are melted, otherwise they will fall apart.

I then put it under lukewarm water, where I loosened it from the cup with a knife. I put some flat rocks at the bottom of it to be able to use it as a candle holder.